Pat McAfee discusses his return to SmackDown


Pat McAfee discusses his return to SmackDown
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Pat McAfee's electrifying return to SmackDown in Denver, Colorado left WWE fans buzzing, but the night held an even bigger surprise in store as the legendary "People's Champion," The Rock, graced WWE television once again, receiving a thunderous ovation from the ecstatic audience.

McAfee and The Rock joined forces in the ring, and together, they delivered a memorable beatdown to Austin Theory, who found himself on the receiving end of both the iconic "People's Elbow" and McAfee's signature "Punter's Elbow." In an exclusive interview on SmackDown, Pat McAfee shared the behind-the-scenes story of how his appearance on the show came together, emphasizing the honor it was for him.

The popular sports commentator revealed that the opportunity coincided with his work on College GameDay, which was taking place nearby in Boulder, just a short 45-minute drive away. His dedication to the WWE Universe was evident as he explained, "As soon as I heard there was an opportunity to do something, I literally sprinted back." Reflecting on his history with Austin Theory, whom he defeated at WrestleMania 38, and the surreal experience of sharing the ring with not only Theory but also The Rock, McAfee acknowledged that he was living a dream.

He playfully described Theory as looking fantastic on the outside but lamented that the same couldn't be said for his character.

McAfee's WWE Dream

For Pat McAfee, WWE has always been a dream destination, and every moment he's had in the ring is something he cherishes deeply.

He expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he's been given and the joy he derives from them, describing his return as a dream come true. Regarding his role within WWE, McAfee paid homage to his former broadcast partner, Michael Cole, praising him as the greatest play-by-play commentator in WWE history.

He acknowledged that Cole has added a new dimension to his persona, and despite Cole's long-standing professionalism, McAfee is confident that they will work together again in the future. The backstage scene on SmackDown was equally electric, as Pat McAfee and The Rock had a reunion, witnessing The People's Champion come face-to-face with his old rival and WrestleMania opponent, John Cena.

As the WWE Universe eagerly anticipates what lies ahead for Pat McAfee in the world of professional wrestling, one thing is clear – his passion and dedication continue to make every WWE appearance unforgettable.

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