49-Year-Old WWE Megastar Joins AEW; Tony Khan Offers Higher Pay, Says Ryback

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49-Year-Old WWE Megastar Joins AEW; Tony Khan Offers Higher Pay, Says Ryback
49-Year-Old WWE Megastar Joins AEW; Tony Khan Offers Higher Pay, Says Ryback © Inside The Ropes/YouTube

Ryback, the former WWE sensation, has sparked rumors that wrestling legend Edge might be considering a transition from WWE to AEW. The driving factor? A better paycheck from Tony Khan's AEW. Edge, renowned as the "Rated-R Superstar", recently delivered an unforgettable performance against Sheamus in a SmackDown main event in August.

The match culminated in an electrifying win for the 49-year-old, which he followed with a heartfelt interaction with his Toronto fans. He asserted that this might be his last time wrestling in front of his hometown audience.

Ryback Reveals Motivations

Elaborating on Edge's potential move in a YouTube video, Ryback touched upon several factors. He underlined that while financial incentives were at the forefront, the prospect of a more relaxed work schedule with AEW could also be appealing.

Furthermore, he pointed to Edge's camaraderie with wrestling stalwarts such as Christian, Chris Jericho, and The FTR. Ryback emphasized, "Key reasons include enhanced financial prospects with AEW and Tony Khan. Additionally, AEW offers a superior work environment compared to the WWE's backstage dynamics.

Moreover, genuine friendships in and out of the ring could tip the scales in AEW's favor." Despite the speculations, Edge, an 11-time World Champion, has hinted that he still has unfinished business in WWE. During an appearance on 'The Bump', Edge named several dream matches he'd still like to explore.

He expressed a keen interest in facing fellow Canadian Sami Zayn and also expressed his desire to take on someone with the striking prowess of Matt Riddle. "Sami Zayn stands out, but he isn’t the only one. I'm also looking at talents like [Matt] Riddle." Only time will reveal Edge's ultimate decision.

But the wrestling world is abuzz, eager to see if the Rated-R Superstar remains loyal to WWE or if he'll venture into AEW territories.

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