WWE Vet Baffled by 'The Bloodline' Storyline


WWE Vet Baffled by 'The Bloodline' Storyline
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As the intense drama of WWE's The Bloodline storyline takes a brief hiatus, the anticipation among fans is palpable. The intricacies of the narrative are still evolving, yet veteran wrestling icon, Dutch Mantell, recently expressed his reservations on its current trajectory.

A rupture in The Usos' bond has kept viewers on edge, especially after Jimmy Uso's shocking betrayal. Since then, Jey Uso, now a part of RAW, has grappled with the distrust of old adversaries, while Jimmy seemingly stands isolated.

This fissure between the siblings is undoubtedly hinting at an upcoming showdown, a confrontation long speculated by fans. Yet, the conspicuous absence of Roman Reigns has left many puzzled, questioning the direction of what was, undeniably, one of WWE's most compelling arcs.

Mantell Questions Bloodline

Mantell's bafflement was evident during his recent stint on Smack Talk. "The Bloodline narrative leaves me perplexed," Mantell stated, "I'm trying to grasp its essence, but it's elusive. However, I believe once the storyline gains clarity, it'll pique my interest.

Meanwhile, Jimmy's dilemma is palpable. He's at a crossroads. But this hiatus gives the creative team a window to decide the plot's eventual culmination. I'm optimistic they have an endgame in sight." Adding to the existing fervor, WWE's decision to reintroduce Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was met with euphoria.

His backstage rendezvous with John Cena only fuelled speculations about The Rock's prospective long-term role. From the Bloodline's lens, WWE hinted at a potential alliance between Jimmy Uso and The Judgment Day, especially after he aided Finn Balor in clinching a victory against AJ Styles post The Rock's dynamic opener.

However, Mantell emphasized that juxtaposing any subplot to the electrifying presence of figures like The Rock or McAfee might inadvertently diminish its significance. In his words, "It's challenging to rival the charisma of The Rock.

But, I perceive the undercurrents. WWE is laying the foundation for something monumental, and I'm eager to witness its evolution." This series of events is a testament to WWE's knack for storytelling, keeping fans, old and new, engaged and eagerly awaiting the next turn.