John Cena Reaction to The Rock SmackDown Moment

An unexpected reunion warms the hearts of WWE fans.

by Atia Mukhtar
John Cena Reaction to The Rock SmackDown Moment
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riday night's SmackDown in Denver was a star-studded affair, showcasing both familiar faces and unexpected surprises that set the WWE Universe abuzz. While John Cena's anticipated dialogue with Grayson Waller took center stage in promotions, it was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's unannounced appearance that left the crowd ecstatic.

Earlier in the day, The Rock graced the Pat McAfee show, broadcast on ESPN and YouTube, from Boulder, Colorado, coinciding with the Colorado college football game. Given the proximity, the decision was made for both icons to illuminate the SmackDown stage.

The electrifying start saw McAfee, interrupted by Austin Theory, leading to an exhilarating entrance by The Rock, met with roaring applause. The scene progressed with Theory taking a hit, The Rock's signature spinebuster, and the crowd-favorite People’s Elbow.

Not to be outdone, McAfee landed a People’s Elbow on Theory too.

Cena-Rock Backstage Magic

However, it was the fleeting backstage encounter between Cena and The Rock that captured hearts. A brief yet impactful staredown culminated with Cena reaching out, uttering the words "Welcome home" to The Rock.

Their handshake and heartfelt embrace, though momentary, resonated deeply with the audience. Reflecting on the memorable evening, Cena took to Twitter, expressing, “The best nights are the ones when we remember we’re all fans.

Welcome home, @TheRock. Thank you, Denver. C U next week #Smackdown! @WWE @WWEonFOX”. This isn't the duo's first dance. They share a storied past, tracing back to WrestleMania 27 in 2011. That year marked The Rock's stellar return after a seven-year Hollywood hiatus.

Their on-and-off-screen jabs set the stage for an iconic showdown, with The Rock costing Cena his WWE Title. Their subsequent confrontations, including team-ups and face-offs at grand events like WrestleMania 28 and 29, only added fuel to their legendary rivalry.

Today, with both Cena and The Rock flourishing in Hollywood, their respect for one another is evident. Their past differences have paved the way for a camaraderie that the WWE Universe cherishes.

John Cena The Rock Smackdown