Trish Stratus Reveals the Story Behind Teaming Up with Becky Lynch in WWE

Two WWE titans clash, sparking unprecedented fan excitement.

by Noman Rasool
Trish Stratus Reveals the Story Behind Teaming Up with Becky Lynch in WWE
© Trish Stratus/YouTube

At the culmination of a riveting feud, Trish Stratus faced off against Becky Lynch at WWE Payback 2023, hosted in the renowned PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In an electrifying steel cage showdown, it was "The Man", Becky Lynch, who emerged victorious over the iconic WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus.

The genesis of this unexpected rivalry was elucidated by Stratus herself during an insightful session on the popular "GAW TV" YouTube series. Stratus reminisced about the WWE's tour in Canada in March 2022. "I was approached to be the face of the Canadian leg of the tour, knowing fully well that it would bring me face-to-face with Becky,” she said.

“What started as playful banter on Twitter soon exploded, capturing the imagination of the WWE Universe”.

Trish Stratus Unexpected Dream Match

What made this feud truly intriguing was its unpredictability. "While fans frequently speculate about dream pairings, few had envisioned a high-profile confrontation between Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch," Stratus noted.

“But the moment we ignited that spark online, the response was overwhelming. Fans labelled it a dream match, pitting the best of my generation against the pinnacle of the current one”. The tensions truly escalated during the April 10 episode of "WWE Raw." Following a heart-wrenching loss of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship to the dynamic duo of Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez, Stratus shocked the world by betraying Becky Lynch.

It soon came to light that Stratus had orchestrated an attack on Lynch's initial tag team partner, the legendary Lita, leading up to that pivotal title match. Their first face-off took place at WWE Night of Champions 2023.

In a match that kept fans on the edge of their seats, Stratus managed to clinch a victory, thanks in no small part to a timely interference from Zoey Stark. From that moment on, the Stratus-Stark alliance proved to be a formidable challenge for Lynch.

However, the score was finally settled in that decisive steel cage battle at WWE Payback 2023, with Becky Lynch firmly establishing her dominance.

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