Rhino Speaks About Adjusting to WWE Locker Room


Rhino Speaks About Adjusting to WWE Locker Room
Rhino Speaks About Adjusting to WWE Locker Room © Website/IMDB

Rhino was at one time one of the most popular ECW wrestlers in the world. ECW was an alternative that wrestling fans had at one time. It was a promotion that was known for its brutal style of wrestling. Almost all of the matches that took place in ECW involved weapons and were no DQ matches.

ECW was led by wrestling industry veteran, Paul Heyman. Even though ECW had a huge number of fans, they were eventually sold in 2001 to the WWE as business wasn’t going to so well. Paul became a very important character in the WWE after that.

Rhino States That The Transition Wasn't That Difficult

Rhino joined ECW in 1999, which was 2 years before the company shut down. During his time in ECW, he won the ECW World Heavyweight Title 2 times. In WWE, Rhino had his first big run in 2001.

He was associated with Edge and Christian during his first WWE run. He joined the Alliance during his first run as well. Rhino recently appeared at The Kurt Angle Show. He spoke about his career on the show and how he got introduced to the WWE.

Rhino also spoke about his transition from ECW to the WWE. According to him, the transition wasn’t very tough, even though ECW was simply more hardcore than the WWE on many levels. "When I went to WWE ... I just fit," Rhino said.

"I had Edge and Christian there. Christian came up to me one time, this was after I started ... and Austin and Triple H, they were talking in the cafeteria. They go, 'Oh, I heard we just signed that Rhino guy from ECW. Hopefully, he's not a jerk or whatever.'

So basically Christian said, 'Hey, listen, no. He's a good friend of mine, he's a great guy, and he'll fit in well...' " "So I had that, too. It was a little adjustment, and then once I got to WWE," he continued, "I noticed every night with guys that were so fine-tuned.

A lot of guys in ECW were so fine-tuned, but it felt like I got even better. And then I never really worried about my spot," he added, "because if I went there and I showed up and I worked hard, I knew I would have a good position."