Jon Moxley remembers Vince McMahon's surprising revelation in their final WWE chat


Jon Moxley remembers Vince McMahon's surprising revelation in their final WWE chat
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In a recent interview with Bleav in Pro Wrestling, AEW International Champion Jon Moxley offered a fascinating glimpse into his final conversation with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon before his departure to All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Moxley's candid remarks shed light on McMahon's unexpected admission and the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling. During the interview, Moxley recalled McMahon's surprising words, stating, "The last conversation I had with Vince McMahon, he straight up told me, we took you for granted." This admission underscores the unique challenges faced by reliable talents in the world of wrestling.

Moxley's unwavering commitment to his craft made him an integral part of WWE, but it also led to him being underappreciated. Moxley emphasized the need to adapt and go with the flow in the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling.

He cited a recent example from AEW, where he found himself thrust into an unplanned pay-per-view main event against Orange Cassidy at AEW All Out. This unexpected turn of events resulted from the departure of AEW "Real" World Champion CM Punk following a backstage altercation with Jack Perry.

Originally, Punk was scheduled to defend his title against Ricky Starks in the main event, but circumstances forced a change in plans.

Moxley's Career Approach

Despite the challenges, Moxley views the risk of being taken for granted as worthwhile due to the opportunities it can present.

He noted that many significant moments in his career have arisen unexpectedly, and he emphasized the importance of being prepared to seize those moments when they come. "Every big opportunity I've had, probably in my career, has come completely out of the blue," Moxley explained.

"You got to be ready to get your sh** together and strike when the iron is hot." Moxley's revelation about his conversation with Vince McMahon provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the dynamics of WWE and the wrestling industry as a whole.

It highlights the challenges faced by talents and the need for resilience and adaptability in this high-stakes world. As fans continue to follow Moxley's journey in AEW, his candid insights serve as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of professional wrestling and the surprises it can deliver.

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