Jon Moxley Reveals Vince McMahon Unexpected Comment in Final WWE Chat


Jon Moxley Reveals Vince McMahon Unexpected Comment in Final WWE Chat
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As the AEW International Champion, Jon Moxley has seen the twists and turns of the pro-wrestling world. Yet, even for a seasoned veteran like him, it's rare to get candid acknowledgments from wrestling moguls. Moxley shared a revealing memory from his last interaction with WWE supremo, Vince McMahon, before his seismic shift to AEW.

Recounting the poignant moment during a chat with 'Bleav in Pro Wrestling' (as transcribed by Fightful), Moxley said, "Vince McMahon openly admitted, 'We took you for granted.' It highlighted a bittersweet truth about being consistently dependable backstage; it can often lead to overlooking one's contribution."

Unexpected Main Event

The unpredictability of the wrestling business was on full display when Moxley found himself in a sudden PPV main event against Orange Cassidy at AEW All Out.

This wasn't a premeditated match-up. "The match was completely spontaneous. The scenario could've been totally different," remarked Moxley, praising Cassidy for his stellar performance, especially since it was his inaugural pay-per-view main event.

This sudden shift was due to the unexpected dismissal of the AEW "Real" World Champion, CM Punk, after a backstage tussle with Jack Perry. Had this dramatic turn of events not transpired, the limelight would've likely been on Punk, defending his ersatz title against Ricky Starks.

For Moxley, though the dangers of being underestimated are palpable, it's not without its silver linings. Being the steadfast go-to guy means he's often the first pick when situations go awry. Reflecting on this, he stated, "Most monumental opportunities in my career have sprung up unexpectedly.

The key is to always be prepared, gather your thoughts, and seize the moment when it presents itself." This insight into Moxley's career trajectory and the ever-evolving world of pro-wrestling offers fans a glimpse into the dynamic behind the scenes and the resilient spirit of its stars.

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