WWE Fans Demand Brock Lesnar Match Following Returns of The Rock and Cena

SmackDown's latest twist reignites fan fervor and speculation.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Fans Demand Brock Lesnar Match Following Returns of The Rock and Cena
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The wrestling world was set ablaze recently with the unexpected returns of John Cena and The Rock to WWE, sending viewership numbers soaring. As the excitement continues to build, fans are clamoring for another legend to step back into the ring: the 10-time WWE champion, Batista.

Earlier this month, John Cena not only made a triumphant return but also took the reins as the host of WWE Payback. Indications suggest that Cena, also known as The Leader of Cenation, isn't just making a fleeting visit. He's poised to engage in some intense rivalries before he transitions back to his Hollywood commitments.

Rock's Electrifying Return

Adding to the euphoria, The Rock, dubbed "The Brahma Bull," made a memorable comeback on SmackDown last week. While the specifics of his future engagements remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is certain: every appearance by The Rock amplifies fan enthusiasm manifold.

Now, the WWE Universe is buzzing with anticipation, hoping that Batista might also take a hiatus from Hollywood to grace the WWE with his presence. The excitement doesn't stop there. Speculations are rife about potential matchups, with many fans expressing their desire to see Batista square off against titans like Brock Lesnar and the emerging powerhouse, Gunther.

Interestingly, a singles match between Batista and Brock Lesnar remains a dream for many, despite both veterans being beyond their wrestling prime. On the other hand, a showdown with Gunther could be the perfect platform for The Animal, Batista, to pass the torch, potentially culminating with Gunther's signature powerbomb.

A heartwarming moment from last week's SmackDown captured the attention of many when John Cena and The Rock shared a backstage embrace. The camaraderie was palpable, especially since Cena had teased The Great One's return at the show's onset.

Their brief interaction, filled with mutual respect, was a testament to their evolved relationship, having collaborated in Hollywood. John Cena's post-show tweet encapsulated the sentiment perfectly: "The best nights are the ones when we remember we’re all fans. Welcome home, @TheRock. Thank you, Denver. C U next week #Smackdown."

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