Matt Cardona Title Redesign Dreams

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Matt Cardona Title Redesign Dreams
Matt Cardona Title Redesign Dreams © Impact Wresting/YouTube

Former WWE superstar and the self-proclaimed "Indy God," Matt Cardona, recently opened up about his desire to clinch the WWE Intercontinental Championship once again. Not just for the thrill of the title, but with a specific vision in mind – to give it a design makeover.

In a candid conversation with MuscleManMalcolm, Cardona humorously discussed the possibility of returning to the WWE and facing the current champion, GUNTHER. His primary motivation? Revamping the Intercontinental Championship (I.C.) belt.

According to Cardona, the I.C. title's current design isn't up to par with the one that existed during his tenure with the company. “I would say it’d be cool to be the shortest reign versus the longest reign. But I’m not the shortest reign.

I think Dean Douglas might have that. Man, imagine that story, coming back to win back my championship,” Cardona mused during the interview. Expanding on his dissatisfaction with the current design, he exclaimed, “Then I’d switch it back to the other title because this one sucks.

It’s horrible. It looks horrible. It’s not cool. It’s not toyetic. I don’t like it”.

Cardona's Championship Ambitions

Matt Cardona's affinity for collectibles and toys is well-known among fans, so his critique of the title design, especially from a 'toyetic' standpoint, is not surprising.

"Toyetic" is a term often used in the toy industry to describe a product that easily adapts to toy form. In addition to the I.C. title, Cardona also expressed his intent on locking horns with Jon Moxley in a rematch for the GCW World Championship.

Earlier this month, in another revealing interview, Cardona stated that competing against Moxley for the GCW title would be a significant highlight in his illustrious wrestling career. As we await potential championship challenges, both in the WWE and GCW, Matt Cardona’s fans are eager to see if he can make these dream scenarios a reality.

Whether it's revamping a cherished title design or settling scores in high-stake matches, Cardona is proving that he's always ready to make waves in the wrestling world.

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