Booker T Suggests New Star to Join Lashley & Street Profits Alliance in WWE


Booker T Suggests New Star to Join Lashley & Street Profits Alliance in WWE
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In a recent sit-down, WWE legend and Hall of Famer, Booker T, opened up about several ongoing WWE storylines, offering his unique perspective. One topic that took center stage was the much-discussed return of Nia Jax to the WWE.

Jax's WWE Comeback

Nia Jax’s sudden reappearance in the WWE circuit after her unexpected exit has certainly turned heads. "Jax has hit the ground running, causing an immediate uproar,” commented Booker T. He emphasized the importance of integrating such a dynamic superstar back into the fold without delay.

“For someone of Nia’s stature, when you reintroduce her to the WWE universe, it’s essential to make an immediate impact. It seems the WWE creative team is eager to give her some significant story arcs in the coming weeks”.

Continuing his analysis, Booker T expressed his genuine joy at seeing Jax back in action, adding a personal touch to his statement. “Her departure was abrupt and didn’t feel like a choice she willingly made. It seemed more like a necessity at that juncture of her career.

It's heartening to see her return, and one can only imagine how much she missed the thrill of the squared circle." Switching gears, the conversation moved to Bobby Lashley's intriguing alignment with The Street Profits. While Booker T appeared excited about this new alliance, he pointed out one glaring absence that could make this faction even more potent.

“This newly-formed faction reminds me of the Hurt Business. Yet, there’s a void that MVP could impeccably fill," he remarked. "Throughout the pandemic era, MVP’s contributions were unparalleled. He truly lived up to his moniker, proving himself as the Most Valuable Player in challenging times”.

Booker T concluded, hinting at his desire to see MVP reintegrate into the current mix, adding the charisma and leadership the group could benefit from.

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