Heel Trolls The Rock, Wins Fans: 'We Love You, Daddy!'


Heel Trolls The Rock, Wins Fans: 'We Love You, Daddy!'
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In a recent episode of SmackDown, WWE fans were treated to a double surprise. The show opened with the unexpected return of Pat McAfee, who immediately locked horns verbally with Austin Theory. But the real shocker was the sudden appearance of The Rock, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

The Rock, known as The People's Champion, didn't waste time in taking Austin Theory to task. In a memorable in-ring segment, he masterfully dominated Theory on the mic, leading the entire arena to chant, "You are an as*hole." However, Theory's response was nothing short of brilliant.

He absorbed the heat, and after receiving The Rock's signature move, the People's Elbow, he left an indelible mark on the audience. Social media was abuzz with praise for the segment, particularly lauding Austin Theory's performance.

Fans admired his confidence and ability to stand toe-to-toe with a WWE legend. The young heel's charisma was evident, and many fans expressed newfound respect for him.

Theory's Cheeky Response

Capitalizing on the moment, when The Rock took to social media to express gratitude for the overwhelming reception, Theory cheekily reshared the post, humorously taking credit for the crowd's reaction and dubbing himself "Your favorite A-hole." This move was met with a wave of positive feedback, further cementing Theory's rising status in the WWE Universe.

Despite facing criticism in the past, notably from veteran wrestling critic Bryan Alvarez, Theory's recent performances have silenced many of his detractors. Fans have rallied around him, advising him to ignore the naysayers and continue his upward trajectory.

The Rock, in a heartfelt social media post, expressed his astonishment at the roaring reception he received in Denver. He described the crowd's reaction as one of the loudest in his illustrious career. In his post, he also acknowledged the contributions of Pat McAfee, Austin Theory, and the entire WWE family for making his return unforgettable.

With The Rock's return, speculation is rife about a potential dream match against Roman Reigns. Given the electrifying atmosphere of his recent appearance, fans are eagerly awaiting more surprises in the coming months.

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