Jade Cargill & Kris Statlander Clash with a Point to Prove on AEW Rampage

Champion's reflections reveal deeper motivations behind the bout.

by Atia Mukhtar
Jade Cargill & Kris Statlander Clash with a Point to Prove on AEW Rampage
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In a climactic showdown on AEW Rampage, Kris Statlander and Jade Cargill squared off, not just for the TBS Championship, but to settle a score that's been brewing since May. The backdrop to this epic encounter was the shocking end to Cargill's 508-day reign as the TBS Champion and her 61-0 undefeated streak at the hands of Statlander at Double or Nothing 2023.

The match was more than just about the title; it was about redemption, respect, and proving their mettle. The AEW universe still vividly remembers that night when Statlander, fresh off a knee injury hiatus, dethroned Cargill in a mere 60 seconds.

The rematch on Rampage was nothing short of spectacular. For a gripping ten minutes, fans were treated to a showcase of strength, agility, and sheer willpower. The match culminated with Statlander's signature move, the Friday Night Fever piledriver, sealing her victory.

In a heartwarming display of sportsmanship, the two competitors embraced and celebrated their shared moment in the ring.

Statlander's Defiant Stand

Speaking to Under The Ring, Statlander reflected on the significance of the match, "This wasn't just another match.

Both Jade and I had a point to make. There's been chatter about my legitimacy as a champion, and this was our chance to silence the doubters. It wasn’t just my reputation on the line; Jade had her legacy to think about.

This match was special, and if you missed it, I urge you to watch." However, the aftermath of this epic duel has left the AEW universe in shock. Jade Cargill, following her Rampage appearance, has bid adieu to AEW. As reported earlier, Cargill has inked a deal with WWE and is set to commence her training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Given her impressive track record and the buzz surrounding her signing, there's strong speculation that WWE might fast-track her to the main roster, bypassing the usual NXT route. With a lucrative contract in hand, all eyes are now on Cargill's next move in the wrestling world.

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