Solo Sikoa Targets John Cena, Aims to Conclude Uso Saga


Solo Sikoa Targets John Cena, Aims to Conclude Uso Saga
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In a recent episode of SmackDown that had fans riveted, not only did Dwayne Johnson make a surprise return, but a long-anticipated event took a shocking twist. The wrestling community had been buzzing with excitement for John Cena's appearance on "The Grayson Waller Effect." The anticipation was palpable, with Cena himself expressing eagerness for the segment.

But the night took an unexpected turn. Jimmy Uso stepped into the ring, soon joined by The Bloodline's Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman. As tensions escalated, a skirmish broke out between Uso and Cena. But the real shocker was Solo Sikoa's assault on Cena.

Contrary to initial speculations, Sikoa later clarified that his attack on Cena was driven by personal reasons, unrelated to Jimmy Uso.

Sikoa's Revealing Post

The roots of Sikoa's vendetta became clearer when he posted a telling split-image on Instagram.

One half showcased a tense face-off between Cena and Sikoa, while the other half mirrored this with a similar standoff between Cena and Umaga.

For those unfamiliar, Cena and Umaga's fierce rivalry began in late 2006.

Umaga, known as the Samoan Bulldozer, was on an undefeated streak and soon challenged Cena. Their iconic clash at New Year’s Revolution 2007 saw Cena emerging victorious. The animosity between them grew, culminating in a memorable last-man-standing match at Royal Rumble 2007, where Cena once again triumphed.

Umaga's untimely death in 2009 adds another layer to this narrative. As Umaga's nephew and protégé, Sikoa's vendetta against Cena carries the weight of family legacy and honor. Drawing parallels with wrestling dynasties, one can look at The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.

Hailing from a lineage of wrestling legends, Rhodes sought to achieve what his father, Dusty Rhodes, couldn't by capturing the Universal Championship title. Similarly, Sikoa is driven by a mission to avenge his uncle Umaga's defeats by Cena.

Even without a championship at stake, the emotional gravity of this feud is undeniable. Speculations are rife that Sikoa might challenge Cena to a Last Man Standing match, reminiscent of the one between Cena and Umaga. Given Sikoa's prowess in street fights, fans might be in for an unforgettable showdown.

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