Chad Gable Claims He'll Dethrone Gunther

Chad Gable surprises with a post-match championship assertion.

by Atia Mukhtar
Chad Gable Claims He'll Dethrone Gunther
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The wrestling world is abuzz, and at the centre of it, all is Chad Gable, the charismatic leader of the Alpha Academy. The source of the excitement? His recent confrontations with WWE Intercontinental Champion, Gunther. A few weeks back on Monday Night Raw, fans were treated to a thrilling main event that saw Gable challenge Gunther, also known as "The Ring General", for the coveted Intercontinental Championship.

While Gable showcased his wrestling prowess and delivered a performance that had fans on the edge of their seats, he fell just short of victory. However, the story didn't end there.

Gable's Bold Vow

In a candid backstage interview post-match, Gable made a bold declaration.

He vowed to be the one to eventually strip Gunther of the Intercontinental Championship. Such a claim might be dismissed by many, but those familiar with Gable's track record know better than to doubt him. Elaborating on his confidence, Chad Gable recently appeared on WWE’s "After The Bell" podcast.

He shed light on the reason behind his unwavering belief. Gable emphasized his history of making promises and consistently delivering on them. “Did anyone genuinely believe I'd dethrone him that night? Probably not. But by the end of our bout, we'd changed many minds.

We came incredibly close. For someone like me, getting that near to victory and making the audience believe, means I can't just let it go. When I say, ‘I swear to God,’ it's not just words. I've always made good on my promises.

I don’t frequently make such bold declarations, but when I do, I ensure they come to fruition. This time won't be any different,” Gable passionately stated. With such determination and past achievements backing his claim, the wrestling community is eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this riveting saga between Chad Gable and Gunther. As the anticipation builds, one thing is clear: the Intercontinental Championship scene is crazy than ever.

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