Bianca Belair speaks out about her WWE break


Bianca Belair speaks out about her WWE break
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Bianca Belair, famously known as the "EST of WWE," had been conspicuously absent from the wrestling scene since her last appearance on the August 18th episode of SmackDown. During that episode, a vicious attack by Damage CTRL had seemingly written her off TV indefinitely.

Fans were left wondering when they would witness her return to the WWE ring. Fightful Select, a reputable source in the world of professional wrestling, reported varying timelines for Belair's absence. It was suggested that her hiatus could range from just under a month to potentially as long as three months, with creative plans accounting for this time away.

Importantly, it should be clarified that the knee injury storyline portrayed on TV was not the actual reason behind her extended absence. In their report, Fightful Select commended the former Women's Champion for her remarkable commitment beyond the wrestling ring.

They highlighted her extensive involvement in media and community appearances during her title reign, describing her schedule as nothing short of "insane."

Belair's WWE Hiatus Revelation

Recently, Bianca Belair opened up about the real reasons behind her WWE absence in an interview with Metro, dispelling any notions of a legitimate knee injury.

She revealed that her hiatus was primarily a period of self-care and personal pursuits with an eye on the future. "Right now, it was just some self-care. We did some things with us personally that I'm so excited about, it has to do with the future.

I'm trying to write a children's book as well," Belair explained. Furthermore, Belair and her husband, Montez Ford, were spotted in New York, where they played a significant role in celebrating WWE's takeover by Endeavor and its merger with UFC, marking a historic moment in the world of sports entertainment.

As fans eagerly await her return, the WWE Universe can rest assured that Bianca Belair's hiatus is not due to a real-life injury but rather a period of personal growth and creative exploration. With her track record of excellence both inside and outside the ring, her future endeavors, including the potential children's book, are sure to be met with enthusiasm and support from fans around the world.

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