Dominik Mysterio Strives to Surpass WWE HOF Dad's Legacy


Dominik Mysterio Strives to Surpass WWE HOF Dad's Legacy
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In a captivating turn of events, Dominik Mysterio has recently come forward, disclosing that originally, neither he nor his iconic father, Rey Mysterio, had intentions of clashing in the squared circle. This revelation emerged post their much-anticipated bout at WrestleMania 39 earlier this year.

This monumental face-off marked the first time the illustrious father-son pair squared off against each other in WWE history. Although Dominik was unable to secure a victory over his Hall of Fame-inducted father, the young sensation asserted in an exclusive interview with "Metro" that it was paramount for him to confront and "get through" Rey to genuinely establish his legacy with the Mysterio name.

Dominik's Profound Epiphany

Reflecting on the journey, Dominik expressed, "As things evolved, Judgment Day played a pivotal role, leading me to the profound epiphany. If I truly aspired to epitomize the Mysterio legacy or even elevate it further, I had to confront my father head-on." Dominik, a key member of Judgment Day, expressed contentment with the closure of his feud with Rey.

Nevertheless, he remains open to the possibility of a rematch in the foreseeable future. The likelihood of such an event occurring soon seems slim, given that Dominik is presently showcasing his talent on "WWE Raw" while Rey dazzles the "WWE SmackDown" audience.

To provide context, Rey had mentioned back in 2021 about WWE's blueprint of a father-son showdown. However, both Mysterios unanimously felt the timing wasn't right. Diving deeper into their WrestleMania 39 bout, Dominik attributed his defeat to an unexpected intervention by Bad Bunny, who rushed to Rey's defense when members of Judgment Day sought to aid Dominik.

Even though Judgment Day had Dominik's back, Rey had the support of LWO. Adding to the mix, Bad Bunny dramatically intervened, confiscating a chain Dominik intended to use against his father. This eventually paved the way for Rey to deliver his iconic 619 move, followed by a frog splash, sealing the victory.

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