Legendary WWE Tag Team Reunites for Ring Return After 26 Years


Legendary WWE Tag Team Reunites for Ring Return After 26 Years
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The lure of the squared circle is undeniable, and it seems that another legendary WWE duo is inching closer to a return. Following their unforgettable reunion at IMPACT 1000, the Dudley Boyz are buzzing with the idea of suiting up for a few more tag bouts.

Bubba Ray Dudley, who at 52 remains a formidable figure in the wrestling circuit, has been showcasing his prowess in IMPACT for quite some time. His winning streak, even against the younger talents, demonstrates the wrestling acumen he still possesses.

His partner in crime, D-Von Dudley, took a hiatus from active wrestling in December 2016. However, his recent reconnection with Bully Ray at IMPACT 1000 displayed their enduring chemistry, suggesting there might be more tag action on the horizon for the duo.

Bully’s recent tweet further ignited these speculations: "Based on how much fun we had at #IMPACT1000 and @TestifyDVon feeling great, #Team3D has decided to take a very select amount of bookings for signings and maybe a few Tag matches”.

The tweet undoubtedly sent waves of excitement among the wrestling community.

Dudley Boyz's Legacy

The Dudley Boyz's illustrious journey commenced in 1997, capturing the WWE universe by storm in 1999. Their 26-year long companionship, peppered with numerous accolades, culminated in their WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Bubba and D-Von have often been heralded as the quintessential tag team in professional wrestling. Their contributions are legendary, and fans eagerly anticipate witnessing them in action again. Their legendary status aside, D-Von offered a humble perspective when it comes to being labeled the best.

On Busted Open Radio, he opined, "We always thought that the Road Warriors were the greatest tag team in the history of the business. Teams like the Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, Midnight Express, Rock 'n' Roll Express, and Arn [Anderson] with Tully [Blanchard] paved the way.

I don't see us as the greatest of all time, but of our era? Definitely." Their iconic bouts, especially against the Hardy Boyz and the duo of Edge and Christian, are etched in wrestling lore. The road ahead is exciting, and the WWE universe is eager to see what's next for Team 3D.

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