Ex-Champion Contemplates Wrestling Comeback

Backstage banter fuels speculation on RAW episode.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-Champion Contemplates Wrestling Comeback
© WWE/YouTube

In a recent turn of events, retired wrestling champion and current WWE official, Adam Pearce, firmly shared his take on the possibility of returning to the squared circle. Pearce, no stranger to the wrestling world, first set foot in WWE in 1997 when it was still known as WWF.

Following this, he gained prominence in various independent wrestling arenas before his notable tenure with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA). During his NWA days, Pearce clinched the World Heavyweight Championship a commendable five times, in addition to winning the British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship.

His contributions to the NWA sport were recognized with an induction into its Hall of Fame. 2013 marked Pearce's return to the WWE universe, not as a wrestler, but as a valued trainer and guest coach. Come 2020, he assumed the role of an authority figure, becoming an integral part of the RAW and SmackDown brands.

Pearce's In-Ring Tease

On a recent RAW episode, an intriguing backstage exchange was witnessed between Pearce and The New Day, focusing on their impending match against The Viking Raiders. Pearce's revelation of Erik's injury led to Xavier Woods playfully suggesting that Pearce might consider strapping on his boots for the bout.

This interaction caught the attention of fans, with one tweeting about Woods' attempt to coax the former NWA champion back into the wrestling action. However, Pearce's response to the suggestion was emphatically clear. Replying with a video snippet of him vociferously proclaiming, "HELL NO!", Pearce ensured fans that his wrestling days are firmly behind him.

In another light-hearted Twitter interaction, WWE Superstar and current Women's Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green threw a quirky challenge at Pearce. Posting a snapshot with her cardboard avatar, Green hinted at the silent cutout as the perfect tag-team partner.

To which, Pearce humorously retorted, suggesting that maybe [Piper Niven] could consider partnering with Green's "silent cardboard version", quipping about its inability to voice grievances, "Interesting idea." Such interactions on social media platforms reiterate the dynamic relationship between WWE officials and its superstars, adding an entertaining dimension to the wrestling entertainment giant.