Allin's Everest: Beyond Wrestling


Allin's Everest: Beyond Wrestling
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AEW superstar and two-time TNT Champion, Darby Allin, has always been known for pushing boundaries. Whether it’s inside the wrestling ring or out, Allin’s fearlessness and determination have set him apart. Now, he's set his sights on a new goal, one that would transcend the confines of the wrestling world: climbing Mount Everest.

In a recent interview with Steve Migs, Allin spoke candidly about his inspiration behind the audacious endeavor. He revealed, "I want to be the first wrestler to climb Mount Everest. I want to be the first wrestler to go to space...

I legit have no fear and am totally at peace if I die at Mount Everest." Such declarations, while alarming, display Allin's unwavering commitment to making history and bringing more attention to AEW. This isn't just about climbing a mountain for Allin; it's about expanding the image of a wrestler, challenging the status quo, and making a mark outside the squared circle.

Allin emphasizes his desire to generate buzz for those who don't typically follow wrestling. He says, "If you see it on the news, ‘pro wrestler climbs Mount Everest', that's the kind of intrigue I want to create." Though he admits to having never climbed a mountain before, Allin remains undeterred.

His training itinerary is rigorous, starting in Switzerland this October, followed by visits to China in November, New Zealand in February, and culminating in the Everest climb in April. This ambitious timeline showcases the depth of his dedication.

From Ring to Everest: Allin's Audacious Quest

On the topic of documenting this life-changing journey, Allin remains undecided. While there's potential for capturing this monumental achievement on film, he doesn't want the pressure of performing for cameras.

"I have to think about my life, I can’t think about cameras," he asserted, hinting that he might resort to vlogging to keep it genuine. But before he takes on Everest, fans can catch Allin in action alongside his mentor, Sting, on this Friday’s Rampage Grand Slam event.

Undoubtedly, Allin's passion for wrestling remains strong, even as he prepares to tackle the world's highest peak. For AEW enthusiasts and general audiences alike, Allin's journey is sure to be a compelling one to watch.

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