CM Punk's Departure and Future

CM Punk Contemplating Next Moves Following AEW Release

by Noman Rasool
CM Punk's Departure and Future
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In recent times, there has been significant buzz surrounding CM Punk's abrupt departure from AEW, with many speculating on possible legal battles on the horizon. With the whirlwind of rumors and speculations, some clarity has emerged.

According to a fresh report by Nick Hausman, at present, CM Punk has no pending litigation against Tony Khan or AEW. Amidst the frenzied conjecture, an incident from last month’s All In event at Wembley Stadium has repeatedly been highlighted.

AEW President Tony Khan had commented on a backstage altercation with Punk, suggesting the intensity of the situation was akin to fearing for his life. This naturally raised many eyebrows and spurred discussions about potential legal consequences.

However, the recent updates seem to dispel such concerns.

CM Punk's Post-AEW Path

Punk, known for his candidness, appears to be in a mindset of putting the past behind him. The recent characterization of the wrestler paints him as someone who's feeling a sense of liberation now that he's distanced from the daily AEW drama that seemed to shadow him persistently.

For now, no indications point towards Khan and AEW initiating any legal proceedings against Punk. The waters seem relatively placid between the two parties. On another note, Punk's contractual ties with AEW remain a topic of interest.

As of now, there hasn’t been any clarification on whether there's a non-compete clause in place post his AEW exit. Interestingly, Punk, not one to stay away from the limelight, made a noteworthy appearance as a commentator for Cage Fury Fighting Championships at CFFC 125.

But what truly set the rumor mills churning was his tease of a potential shift in his career direction in the coming two months. This statement, coinciding with the WWE's Survivor Series scheduled in November in Punk’s hometown, Chicago, has led to heightened speculations of his grand return to WWE.

Especially given the recent merger between WWE and UFC, many are eager to see what WWE President Nick Khan’s stance will be on this development.

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