Ex-WWE Star Returns After 914 Days to Challenge Rhea Ripley Following Nia Jax Bout!

Anticipation builds for Royce's post-maternity wrestling comeback.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Star Returns After 914 Days to Challenge Rhea Ripley Following Nia Jax Bout!
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WWE Universe was left in awe last week when the towering Nia Jax made an unforeseen interruption during the Women's World Championship match between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez. Displaying the might of her Samoan heritage, she leveled both superstars, causing neither to appear on this week's RAW episode.

With Nia's dominating presence back in the limelight, speculations are rife about the return of The Eradicator. The looming face-off between The Eradicator and Nia promises a physical bout, and while many anticipate Ripley to reclaim her standing ground, a new challenger is emerging from the shadows: Peyton Royce.

Cassie Lee's Ring Return

Having taken on a new moniker, Cassie Lee, Royce is all set for her comeback to the squared circle post-pregnancy. Before we see her in a WWE ring, she'll be partnering with her spouse, Shawn Spears, against Matt Cardona and Steph De Lander for World Series Wrestling on October 10.

However, her grand re-entrance will be marked in Melbourne, Australia, on October 6. There's buzzing excitement that Royce, after her matches, might ink a new contract with WWE. If whispers are to be believed, we might witness her awe-inspiring return on the October 16th RAW episode, marking a staggering 914 days since her unexpected exit from WWE.

For those unfamiliar with her departure, Peyton Royce, along with her IIconics teammate Billie Kay, bid adieu to WWE on April 15, 2021. Their journey didn't stop there, as they later debuted for Impact Wrestling and graced the promotion till April 2022.

Now, with an anticipated WWE show in Australia rumored for March next year, the stars might align for Peyton's much-awaited return. And who knows? Maybe she'll challenge Rhea Ripley. Peyton and Billie Kay, popularly known as the IIconics, have been synonymous with entertainment and charisma in the WWE universe.

These former WWE Women's Tag Team Champions had a magnetic synergy that was unfortunately disrupted in 2020. Their separate paths didn't shine as bright as their combined might. For fans and well-wishers, a collective return would be the dream reunion, reaffirming their belief that together, they're simply iconic.

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