Rikishi Cryptic Response to Jey Uso's RAW Move


Rikishi Cryptic Response to Jey Uso's RAW Move
Rikishi Cryptic Response to Jey Uso's RAW Move © WWE Themes and More/YouTube

On this week's Monday Night RAW, Jey Uso took center stage, leaving a mark in a confrontation with Drew McIntyre and igniting a storm of chatter online. After the explosive night, WWE icon Rikishi, also known as Jey’s father, took to Twitter, sharing a brief yet cryptic two-word tweet that left fans abuzz.

During an intense showdown on RAW, Jey Uso faced off against Drew McIntyre, ultimately succumbing to defeat. As the bout neared its climax, Jey executed a superkick on members of The Judgment Day faction, who had been relentlessly attempting to persuade him to join their ranks.

Rhodes Rescues Jey

Post-match, The Judgment Day retaliated, ambushing Jey. Yet, in a stunning twist, Cody Rhodes emerged as Jey’s unlikely savior, signaling Jey's alliance with the babyfaces over succumbing to the darker heel route.

Amidst this tumult, Rikishi's tweet surfaced, leaving fans divided over its intent: "What happen ???". While some fans conjectured it as a response to Jey's actions, others linked it to a recent California earthquake.

Delving deeper into the world of WWE, Vince Russo, the esteemed former chief writer for the franchise, offered insights into the unfolding drama surrounding The Bloodline.

Specifically addressing the dynamic interplay between Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes, Russo shared his perspective on his podcast, "Writing With Russo." He hypothesized that, given the richness of the storyline, The Bloodline saga has the potential for significant longevity.

In a candid admission, Russo said, "I got to tell you, and I'm genuinely speaking from experience. Storytelling, when done organically, can resonate indefinitely. Just like life itself, storylines ebb and flow, characters evolve, and dynamics shift.

There are highs, lows, challenges, and victories. If we let a story unfurl naturally, anchored by robust characters, it could essentially continue indefinitely."

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