Why Former WWE Star Al Snow Criticizes the Term 'Doing The Job' in Wrestling Lingo

Al Snow delves deep into wrestling's strategic intricacies.

by Noman Rasool
Why Former WWE Star Al Snow Criticizes the Term 'Doing The Job' in Wrestling Lingo
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The intricate world of professional wrestling is rife with unique terms and jargon, and one such phrase that frequently surfaces in wrestling circles is "doing the job." While this phrase may be familiar to avid fans and insiders, not all industry veterans view it with favour.

Al Snow, a respected figure and former European Champion in the wrestling domain, recently shared his thoughts on the matter during an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc. Snow ardently emphasized the teamwork required in wrestling.

He stated, "Professional wrestling is an art form that necessitates a symbiotic relationship between participants. While both contenders in the ring aspire to rise as stars, there's room at the pinnacle for only one at a given moment."

AI Snow's Business Insight

Elaborating further, Snow detailed the nuanced decisions that are made from a business perspective.

"True mastery of wrestling," Snow contended, "comes not just from physical prowess but from a deep-rooted understanding of the business dynamics. Recognizing when it's a particular wrestler's moment to shine is pivotal. In such scenarios, the rest of the roster must display a spirit of collaboration, prioritizing the elevation of that chosen talent." Drawing upon the legacy of the iconic "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Snow illustrated his point.

He reminisced about how Austin's undeniable star quality was universally acknowledged within the locker room. Every athlete, Snow remarked, should be attuned to identifying and acknowledging the luminaries among them. "By elevating such a powerhouse," Snow articulated, "the entire spectrum benefits.

Increased attraction translates to higher revenues, which in turn enhances the collective earning potential for everyone involved." Furthermore, Snow shed light on the cyclical nature of wrestling stardom. Every talent has their moment under the spotlight.

"A wrestler, akin to a marketable product, has a distinct shelf life," he mused. While one's ascent may be meteoric, the descent is equally inevitable. Snow underscored the significance of identifying emerging talent, and advocating for the continuous upliftment of newer stars.

"It's a dynamic ecosystem. As one star begins to wane, the next must be ready to rise. This cyclical process ensures the longevity and vibrancy of a thriving wrestling promotion."

Al Snow