Why Eric Bischoff Believes WWE's LA Knight is an Undiscovered Megastar

Wrestling Expert Bischoff Weighs In on WWE's Rising Stars

by Noman Rasool
Why Eric Bischoff Believes WWE's LA Knight is an Undiscovered Megastar
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LA Knight, the dynamic force currently captivating the WWE "SmackDown" audience, has been on everyone's radar in the wrestling domain. Each of his appearances elicits roaring ovations, solidifying his place as one of the company's rapidly rising stars.

However, during a recent episode of "83 Weeks," wrestling veteran Eric Bischoff offered a nuanced perspective on Knight's current trajectory in WWE. Bischoff lauded LA Knight, stating, "While there's no doubt that LA Knight is already a big name, his true potential has yet to be fully realized.

Right now, he's a burgeoning star, and in due course, he will emerge as one of the biggest names in the industry. However, that time isn't now. He's still in the wings, poised for greatness but not quite at the summit."

Bischoff's WWE Rankings

The reason for Bischoff's measured enthusiasm? He specifically highlighted two wrestlers who, in his opinion, presently overshadow Knight in the WWE pecking order.

Roman Reigns, in his view, stands as the undisputed pillar of WWE currently. It's Reigns' innate charisma and unmatched skill inside the ring that have solidified him as the industry's preeminent figure. Just a step behind Reigns, Bischoff positions Cody Rhodes, emphasizing Rhodes' growing clout and potential to dominate in the near future.

Bischoff foresees a timeline where Rhodes' influence becomes even more profound, shaping the direction of WWE storylines and events in unparalleled ways. Elaborating on his perspective, Bischoff remarked, "For the next two to three years, Cody will undoubtedly be the linchpin of WWE.

But the landscape of wrestling is ever-evolving. Injuries, unforeseen opportunities, and emerging talents, much like LA Knight's sudden ascent, can change the game. Right now, the strategic planning revolves around Cody, especially leading up to grand events like WrestleMania." However, industry whispers hint that Knight might ascend to the spotlight quicker than Bischoff anticipates.

Reliable sources suggest that WWE is planning a significant promotion for Knight, buoyed by his consistently high-performing segments and the surging sales of his merchandise. This hints that while the waiting room might be his current space, LA Knight is poised for an imminent and meteoric rise.

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