Last-Minute Shock: Becky Lynch Match Pulled Just 10 Minutes Before WWE Raw


Last-Minute Shock: Becky Lynch Match Pulled Just 10 Minutes Before WWE Raw
Last-Minute Shock: Becky Lynch Match Pulled Just 10 Minutes Before WWE Raw © WWE/Youtube

In a shocking twist that left WWE Raw fans on the edge of their seats, the highly anticipated NXT Women's Championship match between Becky Lynch and Tegan Nox was unexpectedly swapped out for a showdown with Natalya. This sudden alteration took place during the September 18th episode of WWE Raw, leaving fans wondering why the initially planned match did not come to fruition.

As the show began, Lynch, the reigning NXT Women's Champion, issued an open challenge to any competitor brave enough to step into the ring. The WWE Universe anticipated Tegan Nox to answer the call, especially given her recent switch to the red brand during the 2023 Draft.

However, to everyone's surprise, it was Natalya who emerged to challenge Lynch.

Sudden Match Swap

The Queen of Harts wasted no time in confronting Lynch, accusing her of neglecting the women of NXT. Despite the last-minute change, Lynch accepted Natalya's challenge, and the match was underway.

In a thrilling contest, Lynch managed to secure a victory with a crafty rollup, successfully retaining her NXT Women's Championship. Fightful Select, a reputable source for wrestling news, delved into the sudden change of plans.

According to their report, Becky Lynch had advocated for a match against Tegan Nox throughout the day, and the bout had been meticulously planned, with production handled by TJ Wilson. However, just minutes before the doors opened for Raw, the decision was made to switch Nox and Natalya in the lineup.

While the exact reasons for this switch remain unclear, previous reports suggest that WWE officials have been impressed with Natalya's recent performances, particularly when she stepped in for Lynch during a travel-related issue, caused by a passport tear, preventing Lynch from traveling to India.

The report also hinted at uncertain future plans for Tegan Nox. Sources revealed that while WWE is optimistic about the continuation of open challenges on Monday Night Raw, there are no guarantees at this point. As the WWE Universe eagerly awaits further developments, the unexpected twists and turns in the women's division keep fans guessing.

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