Jey Uso Confronts Judgment Day on RAW

Raw's landscape shifts as Jey Uso defies all expectations.

by Noman Rasool
Jey Uso Confronts Judgment Day on RAW
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In a striking turn of events on WWE's Monday Night RAW, Jey Uso, one of the illustrious Uso brothers, once again found himself at the epicenter of wrestling drama, sending shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe. The aftermath of SummerSlam had seen Jey walking out on SmackDown after his own flesh and blood, Jimmy Uso, cost him the coveted WWE Universal Championship.

While many expected this to mark a temporary hiatus, Cody Rhodes, always an astute talent scout, ensured a twist in the narrative by orchestrating Jey's entrance onto the RAW roster. However, this transition was anything but smooth.

While the controversial Sami Zayn greeted Jey with open arms, echoes from their shared history with The Bloodline seemingly influencing his warmth, many RAW Superstars found Uso's presence disconcerting. Among them, Zayn's tag team ally, Kevin Owens, couldn't shake off his suspicions, especially with The Judgment Day attempting to woo Jey into their ranks.

The faction’s aggressive recruitment didn’t stop there, extending a similar olive branch to Jimmy Uso, heightening the tension on Monday nights.

Uso's Defiant Stand

The city of Salt Lake bore witness to a RAW episode that peaked with Jey Uso facing off against the indomitable Drew McIntyre.

With The Judgment Day observing intently from the sidelines, all eyes were on Uso, awaiting his stance towards the faction. Defying expectations, Jey boldly chose defiance over alliance, attacking the group head-on instead of sealing the deal against McIntyre.

This audacious move proved costly as a swift Claymore from the Scottish Psychopath laid Uso out cold. Leaving him vulnerable, an opportune moment arose for Damian Priest, Finn Balor, and Dominik Mysterio, who unleashed their wrath on the fallen Uso.

As the beatdown escalated, McIntyre found himself battling his conscience on the ramp, torn between aiding his adversary or observing passively. However, it was Cody Rhodes who emerged as Uso's savior, rushing past a conflicted McIntyre and leaving fans speculating on the Scot's next move.

As the WWE landscape continues to evolve, this episode cements the fact that loyalties remain fluid, and in the squared circle, anything is possible. Stay tuned for more developments, only on MSN and Google News.

Jey Uso Judgment Day Raw