Vince McMahon: WWE 'Stagnated' Pre-Merger


Vince McMahon: WWE 'Stagnated' Pre-Merger
Vince McMahon: WWE 'Stagnated' Pre-Merger © TNT Sports/YouTube

WWE's recent merger with UFC, resulting in the formation of TKO Group Holdings under the aegis of parent company Endeavor, has been a topic of hot discussion. This high-profile merger was celebrated with much pomp at the New York Stock Exchange.

Top executives from WWE, including Nick Khan, Triple H, and Vince McMahon, reportedly received massive bonuses post the deal. However, this glittering transition hasn't been entirely rosy behind the scenes. The merger was soon followed by a wave of layoffs that hit the company morale hard.

Insiders mentioned that the staff's spirits were “decimated,” prompting a scheduled company-wide meeting on September 19th. Fightful Select, a reputed news outlet, has shed light on the discussions from this meeting.

One of the highlights was Vince McMahon's candid admission. The mogul expressed to his team that WWE had hit a growth plateau or, in his words, “stagnated”. He emphasized that the merger with UFC was a strategic move to propel the WWE brand to loftier heights.

Skepticism Surrounds McMahon

This assertion by McMahon, however, didn’t sit well with several in the room. Eyebrows were raised, and there were “a lot of eye rolls,” especially considering the company's recent boasts about achieving record-breaking numbers and revenue streams.

For many, McMahon's statement seemed to be more about solidifying his leadership position rather than a genuine reflection on WWE's performance. This notion gains traction when seen in light of McMahon’s recent corporate moves.

After a brief hiatus, Vince McMahon reassumed a prominent role within WWE. As of January 2023, he was instated as the Executive Chairman, after having stepped down as Chairman in July 2022. The question that lingers now is whether McMahon's vision for a reinvigorated WWE will resonate with both his internal team and the WWE's vast global audience.

With the company now part of the TKO Group Holdings, it remains to be seen how this new era in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts will unfold.

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