Eric Bischoff Admires WWE's Vince McMahon: Here's Why


Eric Bischoff Admires WWE's Vince McMahon: Here's Why
Eric Bischoff Admires WWE's Vince McMahon: Here's Why © Eric Bischoff/Twittter

In a monumental shift within the world of professional wrestling, Endeavor successfully finalized its acquisition of WWE, culminating in the amalgamation of the WWE brand with UFC under the banner of a newly formed entity known as TKO Group Holdings.

This transformative deal not only ushers in a new era for the industry but also marks the transition of ownership within the McMahon family dynasty. Eric Bischoff, a prominent figure in the wrestling community and a key player during WWE's acquisition of WCW in 2001, recently shared his thoughts on the matter during his "83 Weeks" podcast.

Amid this pivotal moment, Bischoff acknowledged that he found himself in a somewhat conflicted state. He began by addressing the enigmatic figure of Vince McMahon, WWE's visionary leader for decades, with a sense of genuine admiration.

"Yeah, I'm a little conflicted, you know, and people can say whatever they want of Vince McMahon," Bischoff mused. "I cannot help but admire the man and, to just step back and realize what Vince has accomplished for the decades: purchasing the company from his father, breaking the paradigm, stepping outside of the territory structure and going national.

So many big things that Vince did that has, you know, everybody talks about changing the business, few people have really changed the business. Without question, Vince did."

WWE's Leading Innovation

Bischoff's sentiments reflect a deep appreciation for McMahon's pioneering role in shaping the wrestling landscape.

He also noted that while the professional wrestling industry as a whole has experienced significant growth, it is WWE that has consistently led the charge in terms of innovation and transformation. Bischoff underscored WWE's pivotal role in driving "the growth and the change" within the industry.

Moreover, Bischoff expressed genuine happiness for WWE in light of the merger and the undeniable success it represents. However, he did concede to feeling a touch of nostalgia as he witnessed WWE's transition from a tightly knit family business to a publicly traded entity, and now to its absorption into the folds of another conglomerate.

In conclusion, the completion of Endeavor's acquisition of WWE marks a momentous turning point in the annals of professional wrestling. Eric Bischoff's reflective commentary on Vince McMahon's legacy underscores the profound impact of McMahon's visionary leadership on the industry, while also acknowledging the bittersweet nature of WWE's evolving corporate journey.

As this new era dawns, the wrestling world eagerly awaits what TKO Group Holdings and WWE have in store for fans worldwide.

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