Chris Jericho: AEW "Absolutely" Better Than One Month Ago

Wrestling Icon Addresses Controversy Surrounding Recent AEW Events

by Noman Rasool
Chris Jericho: AEW "Absolutely" Better Than One Month Ago
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In the wake of AEW's monumental success in filling Wembley Stadium for their All In event, the wrestling world found itself abuzz with a different kind of news – an altercation involving a prominent figure, who shall remain nameless but is widely recognized as CM Punk.

This backstage incident culminated in Punk's abrupt dismissal from the AEW, sending shockwaves throughout the wrestling community. Addressing this controversy on Busted Open Radio, wrestling legend Chris Jericho, without directly mentioning Punk, shared his perspective on the rapid dissemination of such incidents in the age of social media.

Jericho, no stranger to wrestling-related altercations, recalled his own encounter with Goldberg in 2003, emphasizing how swiftly these events make their way to the public eye. In essence, he suggested that the wrestling world's penchant for negative narratives has grown with the advent of social media platforms.

Jericho went on to underscore that while challenges and issues arise within any wrestling company, AEW has taken the necessary steps to address and rectify them. He lamented how the positive aspects of the company often get overshadowed by the negative, even though significant improvements have been made behind the scenes.

AEW's Ongoing Success

Despite any setbacks, Jericho passionately affirmed that AEW has improved substantially in the past month since the departure of the aforementioned individual, whose name remained unspoken throughout the conversation.

He pointed to the company's remarkable achievements, including consistently ranking as the number one cable show for four consecutive weeks, as evidence of their continued success. In a candid exchange with WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray, Jericho confidently asserted that AEW has progressed and evolved for the better without hesitation, underlining the notion that the wrestling world is dynamic and prone to occasional hiccups.

While this incident may have temporarily overshadowed the company's accomplishments, AEW remains resilient, continuously striving to deliver top-notch entertainment to its dedicated fan base. As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, it's clear that AEW is steadfast in its commitment to achieving new heights, with or without the presence of certain controversial figures.

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