Rhea Ripley's WWE Raw absence, the actual cause

Nia Jax's WWE return sparks intense rivalries and surprises

by Noman Rasool
Rhea Ripley's WWE Raw absence, the actual cause
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The September 11th episode of WWE Raw left fans in awe with an unexpected return and a series of dramatic twists. Nia Jax, the powerhouse of the women's division, made her grand return, shaking the entire landscape. The main event of the evening was an electrifying Women's World Championship match that pitted the fierce Rhea Ripley against the formidable Raquel Rodriguez.

Initially, Rodriguez seemed to have the upper hand, dominating the contest. However, the WWE Universe was in for a shock as Nia Jax reemerged, launching a brutal assault on Rodriguez outside the ring. This unexpected interference created the opening that Ripley needed, allowing her to execute her devastating Riptide finisher and secure a hard-fought victory.

But Jax's rampage didn't stop there; she went on to deliver a bone-crushing Banzai Drop to the Women's World Champion, leaving both competitors in agony. The fallout from this chaotic showdown led to the revelation on the September 18th edition of Raw that both Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley were sidelined due to injuries inflicted by the dominant Nia Jax.

Rodriguez was reported to be suffering from whiplash, while Ripley was believed to be nursing painful rib injuries.

Ripley's Planned Break

However, there's good news for Ripley's fans. The Women's World Champion is not facing a lengthy absence from the squared circle due to injury.

According to reliable sources, including Fightful Select, Rhea Ripley's absence from Raw was part of a pre-planned break. She was merely enjoying some well-deserved time off back home in her native Australia. While the WWE Universe may have been concerned about the injuries sustained by their favorite superstars, it's reassuring to know that Ripley's absence is temporary.

This break will likely help her recharge and come back even stronger, ensuring that the Women's World Championship scene remains as intense and competitive as ever. The return of Nia Jax has undoubtedly shaken things up, setting the stage for even more thrilling developments in the world of WWE. Stay tuned for further updates and the resumption of the ongoing rivalry between these talented competitors.

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