Becky Lynch Boosts WWE NXT Ratings Over 800,000 for Two Weeks in a Row

Drama unfolds as unexpected interference stuns NXT showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Becky Lynch Boosts WWE NXT Ratings Over 800,000 for Two Weeks in a Row
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The magnetic presence of "The Man" Becky Lynch on WWE NXT is undeniable, with viewership soaring to levels not seen since 2021. However, it's the emerging talents like Carmelo Hayes and Dominik Mysterio who are anchoring audiences week after week.

According to a detailed analysis from Wrestlenomics, WWE NXT managed to sustain its impressive viewership from the previous week, raking in over 800,000 viewers for its Tuesday night airing. This week, the episode drew an audience of 824,000, reflecting a slight dip of 3% from the previous week's 850,000.

Among this, 316,000 viewers hailed from the 18-49 age demographic. Though this number marks a 6% decline from the prior week, it's worth noting that this week's episode did not reach the million viewer mark at any moment, peaking impressively at 912,000.

Champion Clash Peaks Ratings

Interestingly, despite the significant drawing power of Becky Lynch, who framed the episode, the pinnacle viewership of 912,000 coincided with the much-anticipated champion versus champion clash.

This was between NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio. The dramatic culmination of their duel in a no-contest outcome, instigated by an unexpected interference from Ilja Dragunov, undoubtedly added to the intrigue.

However, not every segment of the evening managed to capture such strong viewership numbers. Specifically, the triple threat match, which determined the B Block finalist for the prestigious Global Heritage Invitational, experienced the evening's most subdued ratings.

In this intense contest, Joe Coffey demonstrated his prowess, outlasting both Duke Hudson and Nathan Frazer. With this victory under his belt, Coffey is now poised for an eagerly anticipated showdown with the formidable Butch, promising fans another thrilling encounter.

It's pivotal to highlight the historical context here. NXT's current viewership momentum parallels its early television days when it went toe-to-toe with "AEW Dynamite" on Wednesday nights. Since its shift to Tuesdays, consistently high ratings have become more elusive.

Yet, in this new chapter, steered by the reign of NXT Women's Champion Becky Lynch—who recently clinched the title in one of NXT's most-watched episodes in years—it seems the show is reclaiming its past glory.

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