Sammy Guevara Betrays Chris Jericho at Grand Slam

AEW's Grand Slam Event Delivers Unforgettable Wrestling Drama

by Noman Rasool
Sammy Guevara Betrays Chris Jericho at Grand Slam
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From the inception of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the duo of Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara has been inseparable. They were the founding pillars of the Inner Circle, a group that made its debut on the inaugural edition of AEW Dynamite in 2019.

While the Inner Circle eventually disbanded, Guevara continued to stand firmly by Chris Jericho's side, offering unwavering support to the first-ever AEW World Champion. Amidst growing uncertainty within the wrestling world, particularly Jericho's fractured alliance with the enigmatic Don Callis, most of Jericho's longtime comrades, including Jake Hager, distanced themselves from "The Demo God." Yet, Guevara remained steadfast, refusing to abandon his mentor and friend.

The dynamic duo even flirted with the idea of pursuing the AEW Tag Team Championship, but a palpable tension between them had been simmering beneath the surface. To resolve their differences, Jericho and Guevara agreed to face each other at the highly anticipated Dynamite Grand Slam event.

Dramatic Showdown: High-Flying 450 Splash Countered

In the heart of New York City, these two warriors left it all in the ring. However, the climax of their encounter was nothing short of jaw-dropping. As Guevara soared through the air, attempting a gravity-defying 450 splash, Jericho countered with his devastating Code Breaker, securing a hard-fought victory.

But the shockwaves were far from over. Following the match, an eerie silence fell over the once-ecstatic New York crowd. It turned to a chorus of boos and jeers as Sammy Guevara, seemingly ready to reconcile with Jericho, delivered a vicious low blow to his mentor.

The audience's disgust deepened as Don Callis, the mastermind behind this sinister plot, made his way to the ring and embraced Guevara. With Don Callis's faction now targeting Jericho and Kenny Omega, albeit indirectly through Kota Ibushi, wrestling fans are left wondering if the unthinkable could happen.

Could these two iconic figures from Winnipeg, once as close as family, be forced to join forces again to vanquish the man they once considered kin? The shocking betrayal at Dynamite Grand Slam has left the wrestling world in turmoil, and the repercussions of this treacherous act are sure to reverberate for weeks to come. Stay tuned as AEW's captivating saga takes yet another unexpected twist.

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