Liv Morgan WWE Hiatus: A Message from the Superstar


Liv Morgan WWE Hiatus: A Message from the Superstar
Liv Morgan WWE Hiatus: A Message from the Superstar © WWE/YouTube

Former WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, Liv Morgan, recently took some time off from the wrestling ring and made a heartwarming connection with her fans. The 29-year-old wrestling sensation hasn't graced the squared circle since her last memorable appearance on the July 17th episode of Monday Night RAW, where she, alongside her partner Raquel Rodriguez, faced a tough loss in their bid to retain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship against Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville.

This hiatus was primarily driven by the need to address a lingering left arm injury, prompting Liv Morgan to seek specialized medical attention in Birmingham, Alabama. During her visit, she not only received the necessary care but also gained insight into when her passionate fans could expect her triumphant return to in-ring action.

Excited about the prospect of stepping back into the limelight, Morgan shared her heartfelt sentiments with her followers via her Instagram story. She radiated love and affection, expressing, "Hello, I hope that everyone has had a great day.

I just wanted to check in. Miss you guys. I love you guys."

CJ Perry's Heartfelt Response to Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan's Instagram story update stirred a whirlwind of emotions among her fans and followers, sparking extensive discussions across social media platforms.

Her dear friend, CJ Perry, known as Lana during her WWE tenure and now a prominent figure in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), responded with an outpouring of heartfelt emotion. Having departed WWE two years prior, Perry found a new home in AEW, all while maintaining a strong bond with Liv Morgan.

The duo frequently shares glimpses of their friendship through captivating snapshots on various social media channels. In an expression of genuine affection, Perry's response echoed, "Oh my gosh love you so much! Wish I was there with you right now!

Love you." The anticipation is palpable among wrestling enthusiasts, as they eagerly await Liv Morgan's highly anticipated return to the ring. While the precise duration of her hiatus remains uncertain, fans remain steadfast in their support, eagerly counting the moments until her triumphant comeback to the WWE.

Keep a keen eye out for further updates regarding Liv Morgan's return and her promising journey within the realm of professional wrestling.

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