WWE Star Confides in Vince Russo About Tony Khan


WWE Star Confides in Vince Russo About Tony Khan
WWE Star Confides in Vince Russo About Tony Khan © The HANNIBAL TV/YouTube

In the escalating world of professional wrestling, AEW is carving its niche as a formidable competitor to the WWE dynasty. Yet, a bubbling issue seems to surround Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling when it comes to the compensation of its female wrestlers.

In the most recent edition of "Writing with Russo," discussions centered around the potential transition of Jade Cargill, one of AEW's leading female talents, to WWE. Cargill's switch could be seen as a major blow to AEW, especially given her prominent position in the women's division.

In a perfect world, Tony Khan would undoubtedly have wanted to retain her services. However, shedding light on this situation was Vince Russo. In a candid reveal, he mentioned a confidential chat he had with a present WWE female wrestler.

As per Russo: "To be frank, I don't know how accurate this is, but here's what I've heard from a current WWE female star. It seems some of WWE's women have explored opportunities with AEW, and they've shared that Tony Khan might not be offering the most competitive packages to female talents."

Russo Questions Cargill's Move

Russo mused over whether Cargill's rumored switch to WWE, steered by Triple H, was influenced by the financial benefits she could avail.

While Russo emphasized that the information about Khan's compensation model for female wrestlers should be approached cautiously, he couldn't help but speculate. "If the claims about AEW's pay scale are valid, then Cargill's move might boil down to simple economics," he pondered.

"Did WWE lure her with a package too lucrative to turn down?" But Russo didn't just stop at conjecture. He wrapped up his thoughts by posing a rhetorical question about the driving force behind Cargill's move: "If it's not the financials, then what did WWE possibly offer Jade that was so compelling?" With these revelations, the wrestling community might be left questioning the equity of pay scales across organizations. Only time will tell how this unfolds.

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