John Cena Addresses Dolph Ziggler Post-WWE Release

Wrestling world buzzes as Cena acknowledges Ziggler's WWE exit.

by Atia Mukhtar
John Cena Addresses Dolph Ziggler Post-WWE Release
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The wrestling world was taken by surprise when Dolph Ziggler, a two-time world champion, announced his sudden departure from WWE. John Cena, a stalwart of the squared circle, didn't miss a beat, immediately paying homage to Ziggler's illustrious WWE journey via a heartfelt social media post.

Ziggler, known for his charisma and athleticism, had dedicated nearly two decades to the company. Since signing with WWE in 2004, he showcased his prowess in over 1,500 matches. A significant portion of those face-offs were against none other than the 16-time world champion, John Cena.

In his tribute on platform X, Cena reminisced about their multiple encounters and emphasized his profound respect for Ziggler. The news of Ziggler's exit was undeniably shocking, given his legacy and tenure. Alongside Ziggler, the wrestling community is also bidding farewell to several talents such as Aliyah, Elias, Emma, Mustafa Ali, Rick Boogs, Shelton Benjamin, and Top Dolla, to name a few.

Look into Cena and Ziggler's WWE Saga

Throughout the 2010s, Cena and Ziggler's storylines often intertwined, captivating fans both on-air and during live events. Their rivalry reached its zenith at TLC 2012 when Ziggler clinched a landmark victory over Cena in a show-stopping ladder match.

2014 further highlighted Ziggler's mettle when he emerged as the last man standing for Team Cena against Team Authority during Survivor Series. Their on-screen animosity mirrored some real-life sentiments. In a candid 2013 chat with Sam Roberts, Ziggler admitted his disdain for certain aspects of Cena's persona but couldn't help but admire Cena's unparalleled connection with the WWE audience.

Ziggler's remarks encapsulated the dichotomy: "I genuinely dislike certain things about Cena, from how he runs to some of his in-ring techniques. Yet, his rapport with the fans, something I've been chasing, is truly admirable." The soap-opera world of WWE even touched upon Ziggler's attempt to rekindle his relationship with Nikki Bella, Cena's then-girlfriend, in 2015 on the reality series "Total Divas". Ziggler and Bella had a romantic history spanning five years before she became romantically involved with Cena.

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