Bully Ray Compares Eddie Kingston to Vince McMahon in AEW Assessment


Bully Ray Compares Eddie Kingston to Vince McMahon in AEW Assessment
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In a moment that will go down in pro-wrestling history, Eddie Kingston delivered a resounding defeat to his arch-nemesis, Claudio Castagnoli, at "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam". This unforgettable Wednesday night saw the gritty New Yorker clinch the ROH World Title, much to the jubilation of his ardent fans at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

His remarkable finisher, a Kawada-style powerbomb, ended the match with a triumphant three-count. This monumental win set off waves of elated cheers, culminating in a passionate chorus of "you deserve it" echoing across the iconic Queens venue.

Yet, amid the collective elation, tag team icon Bully Ray shared a contrasting viewpoint on the latest "Busted Open" episode. Diving into the longstanding wrestling debate of 'earning' versus 'deserving', Ray cited WWE's Vince McMahon's stance on wrestlers attaining pivotal moments in their careers.

Earning vs. Entitlement

"In the realm of pro-wrestling, entitlement has no place. Yet, I firmly believe Eddie Kingston has genuinely earned this spotlight," Bully Ray expressed. He further elaborated, "The term 'opportunity' is undeniably a Vince McMahon mantra.

There are no promises in this arena, only the prospect of earning your rightful place. Eddie's journey, marred with myriad challenges, speaks volumes of his resilience, possibly more than many in the industry." At 41, Kingston's ascent to the zenith hasn't been a cakewalk.

Bully Ray, acknowledging this, lauds his perseverance. As Kingston now proudly represents both the ROH and NJPW Strong brands as their reigning champion, it's evident that his journey through the independent wrestling circuits has taken its toll.

However, since his electrifying AEW debut against Cody Rhodes amidst a pandemic backdrop four years prior, "The Mad King" has cemented his legacy. His remarkable feuds with legends such as CM Punk and Chris Jericho further attest to his indomitable spirit and prowess in the squared circle.

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