Cora Jade Says Goodbye to NXT Rival Dana Brooke Amid WWE Talent Cuts

Profound Moments Unfold as WWE Superstars Embrace Change.

by Atia Mukhtar
Cora Jade Says Goodbye to NXT Rival Dana Brooke Amid WWE Talent Cuts
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In the world of professional wrestling, the fierce rivalries we witness on TV often hide the strong bonds that exist behind the scenes. Recently, Cora Jade, a rising star in WWE, showed the world just how deep these connections can be.

She took to Instagram to bid a heartfelt farewell to her on-screen rival and real-life friend, Dana Brooke, following the news of Brooke's release from WWE. This poignant moment has resonated deeply within the wrestling community.

On her Instagram post, Cora Jade shared a touching message, expressing her desire to have shared the ring with Dana Brooke a few more times. It's a reminder that, beneath the scripted drama of the wrestling world, genuine friendships are formed among the athletes.

Their rivalry, which played out on "NXT" TV during the summer, was nothing short of intense. Dana Brooke returned to "NXT" after going undrafted on the main roster in May, leading to a series of thrilling matches with Cora Jade.

These bouts were evenly matched, with both wrestlers claiming singles victories over each other. Their first encounter was in a dramatic "NXT" women's title No. 1 contender's battle royal, where they were both eliminated simultaneously by Thea Hail, adding intrigue to their feud.

Their final clash, a brutal Kendo Stick match, ended with Dana Brooke emerging victorious. This match also marked Cora Jade's last appearance on WWE programming before she took a temporary hiatus, accompanied by a cryptic tweet.

Brooke's 24/7 Championship Legacy

Dana Brooke had been a WWE staple for over a decade, signing with the company in 2013. Although she never held WWE's prestigious women's championships, she proudly held the 24/7 Championship an impressive 15 times.

Winning this title held significant meaning for Brooke, and she cherished her reigns with it. However, the 24/7 Championship's legacy took an unexpected turn when Nikki Cross, the final champion, symbolically discarded the belt into the trash.

Despite this disappointment, Brooke chose to look ahead and explore new opportunities, emphasizing her determination to move forward rather than dwell on past achievements.

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