Zelina Vega Reacts to Santos Escobar's WWE US Title Challenge to Rey Mysterio


Zelina Vega Reacts to Santos Escobar's WWE US Title Challenge to Rey Mysterio
Zelina Vega Reacts to Santos Escobar's WWE US Title Challenge to Rey Mysterio © WWE/YouTube

Zelina Vega and Santos Escobar, prominent figures in the WWE universe, have shared their thoughts on the recent captivating exchange that unfolded between Escobar and the legendary Rey Mysterio on the latest episode of "WWE SmackDown." This electrifying moment led to a challenge for the coveted United States Championship, and it left both Vega and Escobar with a whirlwind of emotions.

On the preceding episode of "SmackDown," Santos Escobar, a main roster contender yet to secure championship gold, took a bold step. He expressed his lifelong dream of locking horns with Rey Mysterio, the reigning United States Champion, and to everyone's astonishment, Mysterio accepted the challenge.

Reflecting on this pivotal moment, both Escobar and fellow LWO (Latino World Order) member Zelina Vega delved into the complex emotions they experienced during this exchange. Escobar, a passionate admirer of Rey Mysterio, admitted that it required tremendous courage to approach his idol with such a request.

"It took a lot [to ask Mysterio for a title shot]. I had to muster the strength and courage, and find a way to not say it in a negative way because I do respect and love the man [Mysterio]," confessed Escobar. He also revealed that the presence of The Rock at the time played a significant role in igniting his determination to challenge Mysterio.

He hinted that the highly anticipated match might take place after they deal with The Street Profits in the upcoming week.

Zelina's 'Shook' Reaction

Zelina Vega, sharing her initial reaction to Escobar's audacious request, described herself as "shook." She underlined that the challenge extended beyond Rey Mysterio alone; it encompassed the entire LWO family.

In her words, "Not only did Rey get Santos, but he also got all of us." She emphasized the unshakable bond within the LWO, emphasizing that they unwaveringly support one another. Furthermore, Vega shed light on Mysterio's forgiving nature and his keen eye for talent within the LWO ranks.

She suggested that his decision to bring them into his fold and the title was a testament to his belief in their potential. It's important to note that Santos Escobar's journey to this title challenge took an unexpected turn.

Originally slated to face Austin Theory for the US title after defeating Mysterio in the United States Championship Invitational final on "WWE SmackDown," Escobar's path was disrupted when Theory savagely attacked him. This led to Rey Mysterio stepping into the ring and clinching the title for the third time in his storied career.

Throughout his WWE tenure, Escobar has held only one title, the "NXT" Cruiserweight Championship, a reign that spanned over 300 days. As he prepares for the opportunity of a lifetime against Rey Mysterio, the wrestling world eagerly awaits this high-stakes showdown.

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