The Blue Meanie Reflects on Friendship with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer


The Blue Meanie Reflects on Friendship with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer
The Blue Meanie Reflects on Friendship with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Bearer © Fight Network/YouTube

In the intricate tapestry of professional wrestling, friendships often transcend the scripted rivalries and dazzling personas that captivate audiences worldwide. The wrestling world recently received a poignant glimpse into the heartfelt connection that existed between ECW legend, The Blue Meanie, and the late WWE Hall of Famer, William Moody, better known as Paul Bearer or Percy Pringle.

Despite never sharing the limelight on-screen, their off-screen camaraderie blossomed into an enduring friendship that left an indelible mark on Meanie. During a recent episode of his "Making The Town" podcast, Meanie opened up about the deep bond he shared with the iconic wrestling manager, recounting their first meeting in the 1990s.

Meanie couldn't help but shed a tear as he reminisced about his dear friend, whom he first discovered through Bill Apter's Apter Mags. Moody's unique and unmistakable persona as a manager in promotions like CWF and WCCW caught Meanie's attention.

"He had the signature look — that surprised Percy look," Meanie fondly recalled, "And it popped me... I was like, 'Who is this?'" Their paths would not cross again until a decade later, albeit not in the conventional sense.

It was the advent of the internet era, particularly AOL Instant Messenger, that brought Moody and Meanie closer together. "We became friends through AOL Instant Messenger," Meanie revealed, highlighting the extraordinary nature of their connection.

Their conversations transcended the world of wrestling, delving into the complexities of life. In fact, it was Moody who introduced Meanie to the world of Google during these virtual exchanges.

Meanie's Memorable WWE Debut

The pivotal moment of their friendship took place in 1998 when Meanie joined WWE.

He finally had the opportunity to spend time with his dear friend in person. On his first day at WWE TV, Meanie encountered Moody, who was immersed in a unique backstage scenario. "My first day of TV, I saw Percy, and he was sitting with the production people, who were melting candles for Gangrel's entrance...

He looks at the guy melting the candles and goes, 'Brian and I have been friends for years. He's the only wrestler who never asked me to get booked.' " Meanie expressed his profound gratitude for being "the only wrestler ever" who never sought employment through Moody.

Their friendship was untainted by professional considerations; it was genuine and deeply cherished. In his closing words, Meanie poignantly encapsulated his sentiments, saying, "That meant the world because I was just friends with Percy for Percy.

I miss him every day." This heartfelt tribute to their enduring friendship serves as a reminder of the profound connections that can be forged in the world of professional wrestling.