WWE's Lola Vice Pledges After NXT Departures

From Bellator MMA to WWE, Lola's journey is captivating.

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Lola Vice Pledges After NXT Departures
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The wrestling community has been buzzing with recent talent releases from "WWE NXT". Among the most resonant voices in the aftermath is star Lola Vice, who voiced her solidarity and commitment following the departures. Notable talents like Mustafa Ali, Dana Brooke, Quincy Elliott, Dabbo-Kato, and Yulisa Leon were surprisingly let go.

Up-and-coming stars who hadn't yet enjoyed a significant television presence, including Bryson Montana, Daniel McArthur, Kevin Ventura-Cortez, Brooklyn Barlow, and Alexis Gray, also faced the axe. Reports indicate that 18 talents from "NXT" have been handed their releases.

In these turbulent times, Lola Vice took the initiative to communicate her feelings on the matter, expressing her profound sadness and asserting her pledge to uphold the honour of her developmental class. Sharing her sentiments on platform X, she vowed to make her "class proud."

Lola Vice's WWE Rise

Lola Vice, previously known as Valerie Loureda, transitioned to the WWE universe in June of the previous year.

Before her wrestling endeavour, she made waves in the world of Bellator MMA with an impressive 4-1 record. Her entry to WWE saw her amidst a group of 17 new entrants, among whom the recently released McArthur was also a part.

Vice's wrestling journey saw her stepping into the NXT ring for the first time earlier this year, and she subsequently teamed up with Elektra Lopez. Only last week, she went toe-to-toe with the former "NXT" Women's Champion Roxanne Perez, although the match concluded with her defeat after a spirited bout that lasted just beyond four minutes.

This restructuring, perceived by many as an aftermath of the unprecedented WWE and UFC merger, wasn't limited to the NXT lineup. Established superstars from the main roster, like Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, and Elias, also found themselves on the list of departures.

The shockwaves even reached the corporate corridors of WWE, with numerous office staff being unexpectedly shown the door last week. The wrestling world watches with bated breath, waiting to see how these changes will shape the future of WWE.

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