Saraya Suggests Rematch with Emma Post-WWE; Known Figure Chimes In

Australian wrestlers reunite in anticipated post-WWE showdown.

by Noman Rasool
Saraya Suggests Rematch with Emma Post-WWE; Known Figure Chimes In
© Saraya/Facebook

The world of professional wrestling was shaken recently with WWE announcing a series of talent cuts. Among the notable names to be released was Tenille Dashwood, popularly known by her WWE persona, "Emma." However, the proverbial silver lining in this situation became evident almost immediately when Saraya, previously recognized as "Paige" in WWE and NXT and a past adversary of Emma, reached out.

The outreach from Saraya wasn't merely one of consolation but one signalling potential new beginnings and the rekindling of a classic wrestling rivalry. Reflecting on their storied past in the squared circle, Saraya promptly proposed that the two "run it back again." This was a nostalgic nod to their series of bouts that spanned several years, starting in 2012.

Among their many encounters, the most pivotal occurred in NXT in 2013. This contest was a tournament finale aimed at determining the inaugural "NXT" Women's Champion. On that day, Saraya, competing as Paige, triumphed over Emma, adding a historic accolade to her wrestling résumé.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that Paige and Emma were part of a significant tag team match against the Bella twins. This match is frequently credited with igniting the "Give Divas A Chance" movement in early 2015, a pivotal turn in the representation of women in professional wrestling.

Cassie Lee Eyes Emma

Emma's departure from WWE has not only sparked Saraya's interest. Cassie Lee, formerly known in WWE as Peyton Royce, also expressed keen interest in competing against Emma. Lee, a fellow Australian and a prominent figure in the wrestling community has been absent from the wrestling scene for the past 18 months.

As she gears up for her highly-anticipated comeback next month at Australia's World Series Wrestling, she has her sights set on potential matchups. Addressing Emma, Lee proclaimed on the social media platform X (previously Twitter), "I wanna wrestle Tenille." Without hesitation, Emma shot back with enthusiasm, stating, "Mate!

Let's go." This series of interactions, amidst the backdrop of unexpected WWE releases, reminds fans of the resilience and spirit of the wrestling community. When one door closes, another, filled with exciting prospects, often opens.