WWE Star Would Open to CM Punk Comeback


WWE Star Would Open to CM Punk Comeback
WWE Star Would Open to CM Punk Comeback © WWE/YouTube

Recent events have stirred the wrestling community, with CM Punk's unanticipated exit from All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following a backstage altercation with Jack Perry during AEW's All In London event. This incident, coming only a year after Punk's disagreement with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks in September 2022, has led to speculations about his next move.

The wrestling universe still vividly recalls CM Punk's dramatic departure from WWE in January 2014, spurred by numerous disagreements. Yet, his legacy within the WWE remains prominent. Across his decade-spanning WWE career, Punk not only secured five WWE World Champion titles but was also the spotlight of many pay-per-view events.

Given his sudden availability post-AEW, rumors are swirling about WWE's potential interest in bringing back the prodigal son. However, Punk's willingness to rejoin remains a pivotal question.

Ford Addresses Punk Rumors

Amidst the speculations, Montez Ford, one-half of the dynamic 'Street Profits' duo alongside Angelo Dawkins, recently shed light on the topic.

Their collaboration with Bobby Lashley has certainly turned heads on Smackdown. In an interview with The Happy Hour, when asked about the possibility of CM Punk's WWE return, Ford responded diplomatically, without naming Punk explicitly.

Emphasizing his openness to diverse talent, Ford mentioned, “Everyone, irrespective of their background, brings a unique flavor. If a WWE superstar, regardless of public sentiment, can create a buzz and spark discussions, it's a win-win for the business”.

He added, “If he decides to return, it'd be interesting to see who truly represents Chicago”. It's pertinent to note that Montez Ford's opinions, though influential, won't be the deciding factor in Punk's possible return.

The call rests with WWE's top brass – Vince McMahon, Nick Khan, and Paul "Triple H" Levesque, among others. Meanwhile, during commentary for Cage Fury Fighting Championships, Punk hinted at some free time in the upcoming months. Whether this alludes to a potential WWE stint remains to be seen, but fans are undoubtedly eager for what's next.

Cm Punk Montez Ford

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