Adam Cole's injury might alter AEW WrestleDream bout

Concerns rise as top AEW stars face unexpected setbacks

by Noman Rasool
Adam Cole's injury might alter AEW WrestleDream bout
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The recent AEW Dynamite Grand Slam episode has been the talk of the town, gathering acclaim for its riveting matches. However, amidst the applause, two leading stars faced significant challenges. Jon Moxley, during his electrifying face-off with Rey Fenix, endured a concussion.

More surprisingly, Adam Cole was rushed to the hospital, even though he didn’t set foot inside the ring that evening. In the episode's climactic main event, AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF), popularly dubbed as Cole’s “best friend,” successfully defended his World Title against Samoa Joe, the ROH TV Champion.

It was a match teeming with suspense, with both participants coming close to victory on multiple occasions. Ultimately, MJF emerged as the victor, resorting to an underhanded technique of strangling Joe with tape and employing a Coquina Clutch-style submission.

Samoa Joe was left with no choice but to succumb to the excruciating pain. A pivotal moment during this showdown was Adam Cole’s dramatic appearance ringside, urging MJF to clinch the victory, albeit through dubious means.

Observant fans couldn’t help but notice Cole limping, a result of him injuring his ankle during a risky jump off the ramp.

WrestleDream Plans Uncertain

This incident has led to mounting speculation regarding the upcoming AEW WrestleDream PPV, scheduled for October 1st in Seattle.

The event initially planned for MJF & Cole to defend their coveted ROH Tag Team Titles against The Righteous. However, with concerns about Cole's fitness looming large, those plans might be under reevaluation. Dave Meltzer, in his recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, delved into Cole's concerning injury and raised eyebrows over AEW's strategic choices.

He expressed that while MJF’s tag team match was puzzling, had it involved teams like FTR or the Young Bucks, it would have been more justifiable, given the PPV’s prestige. For the uninitiated, Meltzer highlighted, "Even The Kingdom, who were presented as more apt adversaries and logically aligned with the storyline, would be suitable for a regular TV segment or perhaps an ROH PPV.

However, for a grand event aiming to attract substantial viewership and significant revenue, the current matchup is perplexing." As of now, the gravity of Adam Cole’s injury remains uncertain. We, along with the entire TJRWrestling community, send our heartfelt wishes for his swift recovery.

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