Montez Ford: Brotherhood & Battles

Montez Ford Opens Up About His Bond with Bobby Lashley and Thoughts on CM Punk's Potential WWE Return

by Noman Rasool
Montez Ford: Brotherhood & Battles
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Montez Ford, one-half of the sensational tag team, the Street Profits, shed light on his relationship with the "Almighty" Bobby Lashley during his recent appearance on the popular podcast, Happy Hour. Ford and his partner Angelo Dawkins, widely recognized for their unmatched charisma and in-ring prowess, have carved a niche for themselves in the wrestling world.

However, their journey to the top hasn't been a solitary one. "We've been privileged to have Bobby Lashley as a mentor," Ford began. "He's been with us, guiding our steps ever since we joined the main roster. It’s not just about learning the moves inside the ring, but also understanding the business aspect, and Bobby has been instrumental in that." Bobby Lashley, known for his dominating presence and accolades both inside and outside the wrestling ring, has been part of the WWE universe for a long time.

Lashley’s decision to mentor the Street Profits was an admirable one, showcasing the fraternity and mentorship spirit prevalent backstage. "Dawks has been part of this incredible WWE family since 2012, and I joined towards the end of 2015," Ford reminisced.

"Throughout our journey, from NXT to the main roster, Bobby's been our guiding star. The wisdom he imparts, the experiences he shares – it’s invaluable. What fans now see onscreen is just a fraction of the leadership and camaraderie that exists backstage."

Ford Speaks: Wrestling Brotherhood

The candid discussion took another intriguing turn when the topic of CM Punk was broached.

CM Punk, known for his unmatched microphone skills and wrestling abilities, had a controversial departure from AEW, raising speculations about his possible WWE return. Ford weighed in, saying, "WWE is home to the best talents in the world.

If CM Punk ever decided to come back, we'd welcome him with open arms. Wrestling thrives on passion, and Punk has always had that in spades." With the wrestling world ever-evolving, talents like Montez Ford offer a fresh perspective on the dynamics backstage.

As for Lashley's mentorship to the Street Profits, it reinforces the notion that wrestling, despite its fierce competition, remains a close-knit family.

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