Nia Jax speaks about her transition to WWE

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Nia Jax speaks about her transition to WWE

Nia Jax is certainly one of the most beloved superstars in the Women's Division, but when she was younger, the former Raw Women's Champion had tried a career as a model. During a recent interview with Linea Paolo, Nia spoke about her transition to WWE.

“I was an athlete my entire life and had four basketball scholarship offers for college. Then one day while I was still in high school, a talent agent approached me after an event and I ended up signing with – Wilhelmina Models in New York.

I never thought about modeling as a curvy girl, but then it happened. My family was always involved in sports entertainment, my cousin [Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson] especially, and I watched WWE growing up but never really considered it something I could do," Jax admitted.

She continued: "The women were all so beautiful, but petite, so I never identified with them.. But my Aunt [Ata Johnson], was super encouraging, saying she could absolutely see me – some one of my height and body type being incredibly successful in the industry.

And it’s amazing! Walking into an arena with all the fans cheering (or booing!) – there’s such instant gratification, an unbelievable adrenaline rush. It’s almost addictive – really. "When we sign our contract, we have the option to help choose our names.

At the time I was completely obsessed with “Sons of Anarchy” and Jax Teller. I thought Jax sounded cool, so I put it on my list. And “Nia” is a Samoan name, but it’s pronounced “Nee-a” but I wanted it to be “Ny-a” instead. Anyway, then they picked my name, and it was Nia Jax”.