Wrestler Advises Against Rooming with Samoans: Ex-WWE Star Explains


Wrestler Advises Against Rooming with Samoans: Ex-WWE Star Explains
Wrestler Advises Against Rooming with Samoans: Ex-WWE Star Explains © WWE/YouTube

In professional wrestling, backstage anecdotes often rival the drama of in-ring action. Recently, ex-WWE standout Maven lifted the veil on his experiences off-camera, recounting hilarious tales of sharing quarters with Samoan wrestlers.

These stories provide a humorous glimpse into the camaraderie and quirky moments that shape the world of wrestling. Maven, whose prominence in the WWE spanned from 2001-2005, shared a close bond with the late Umaga, once introduced to TV audiences as Jamal of the 3-Minute Warning duo.

Diving deep into their camaraderie, Maven dropped a candid revelation on his YouTube channel about an unforgettable night when he bunked with both Umaga and Rosey. “To save on hotel expenses, we decided to split a room.

What transpired that night was a lesson I'll never forget,” Maven began, “If you're considering cutting down on hotel expenses by sharing a room, and your roommates happen to be Samoans, brace yourself. Umaga and Rosey's snoring was so thunderous that it felt they were having a shoutout.

The experience was so overwhelming that I resorted to makeshift bedding on a pool chair outside, using a pillow!”

Samoans Dominate WWE

Currently, the Samoan presence in WWE is unmissable. Roman Reigns, crowned as the WWE's Undisputed Universal Champion, is making waves, with his cousins, Jey and Jimmy Uso, also enjoying significant TV time.

Collectively known as 'The Bloodline', their faction is rapidly climbing the ranks, destined to be remembered as one of the sport's elite groups. Maven's fond memories with Umaga stretch beyond this humorous incident. The two shared countless road trips, building a deep-rooted bond during their WWE tenure.

Post his time with Umaga, Maven formed an equally strong alliance with Randy Orton. The duo's escapades off the ring, much like their performances inside, became legendary, marking their spots as the inseparable best buddies of the WWE universe.