LWO Star Expresses Dream of WWE Championship

Zelina Vega's resilience shines on the SmackDown stage.

by Atia Mukhtar
LWO Star Expresses Dream of WWE Championship

The ascension of Zelina Vega within the wrestling ranks has been nothing short of remarkable, especially post her allegiance with the Latino World Order (LWO). After her electrifying bout with the reigning Women's World Champion, Rhea Ripley, at the monumental Backlash event in Puerto Rico, the wrestling world took notice.

It wasn’t just any match; it was a moment that cemented Vega as a potent force to be reckoned with. Making a significant appearance on WWE's prime talk show, "The Bump", Zelina Vega laid bare her championship dreams.

Not only did she express her deep-seated desire to clinch the World Champion title, but she also affirmed her relentless drive to push through any obstacle that stands in her way. Moreover, Vega's touching tribute to her inspirations struck a chord with many.

"For LWO. For our ardent fans. For my treasured family. For our vibrant community. And unmistakably for my mentor and beacon, Rey Mysterio. Rey, being under your tutelage and calling you family is a true privilege. My gratitude knows no bounds for your unwavering faith in me.

My quest continues," Vega earnestly articulated.

Vega's Defiant Stand

On August 25th, during an episode of SmackDown, Vega showcased her prowess against the formidable Iyo SKY in a thrilling match for the WWE Women's Championship.

Zelina, a beacon of resilience, draws strength from her detractors. Her recent revelation highlighted how naysayers inadvertently motivate her, propelling her determination to reach the zenith. Furthermore, on "The Bump", Vega took a moment to address her skeptics.

As the pioneering Queen of the Ring and the sole female dynamo in LWO, she declared with conviction, "Being petite or not having won singles gold yet doesn't define my potential. When naysayers list out reasons for my supposed limitations, it only fuels my resolve.

It's easy for folks to forget my legacy and the milestones I've already achieved. After all, I am the inaugural Queen of the Ring." With this fervor and indomitable spirit, Vega's journey to potential WWE championship gold is bound to be one for the annals of wrestling history.

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