LA Knight Misses SmackDown Main Event Due to COVID-19 Positive Test

Unforeseen challenges shake up recent SmackDown episode dynamics.

by Atia Mukhtar
LA Knight Misses SmackDown Main Event Due to COVID-19 Positive Test

As the anticipation for WWE Fastlane continues to mount, the WWE has encountered an unexpected setback. One of their rapidly rising superstars, LA Knight, was conspicuously absent during a pivotal SmackDown segment due to an unforeseen illness.

The electrifying episode of "WWE SmackDown" was set in motion when the iconic John Cena, together with AJ Styles, threw down the gauntlet, challenging The Bloodline duo of Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso to a tag team face-off.

However, their call to action was declined. As the evening progressed, Adam Pearce, a prominent WWE official, declared that a contract signing pegged for the Fastlane event would be the night's crescendo. But drama ensued backstage as Styles was ambushed, leaving Cena, a 16-time world champion, to fend off a relentless onslaught from Sikoa and Uso, completely outnumbered.

Cena's Unexpected Solo

In a surprising twist, as Cena was cornered in this imbalanced confrontation, not a single superstar emerged from the locker room to offer him aid. Inside sources, including reports from notable outlets like Fightful and PWInsider, have shed light on this unexpected turn of events.

They revealed that LA Knight, originally slated to participate in the climactic SmackDown segment, received a positive COVID-19 test result just hours before the show. As a result, he had to exit the venue post-haste. Just a week prior, Knight showcased his prowess, securing a win over The Miz.

Subsequently, he signaled his aspirations for championship glory, engaging in a backstage altercation with the influential Paul Heyman. This encounter has sparked speculation about a prospective face-off between Knight and the reigning Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Looking ahead, with the clock ticking down to Fastlane, fans are left in suspense. If LA Knight's health takes a turn for the better promptly, there's still a chance we could see him align with Cena, setting the stage for an epic showdown against The Bloodline. The WWE Universe waits with bated breath.

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