8-Time WWE Champ Claims 'Living Legend' Status Amid GOAT Accolades

Sportskeeda lauds Asuka's unparalleled wrestling prowess on Twitter.

by Atia Mukhtar
8-Time WWE Champ Claims 'Living Legend' Status Amid GOAT Accolades
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WWE Superstars have consistently showcased unparalleled athleticism and theatrical prowess, setting the gold standard in sports entertainment. Amongst this elite cadre stands Asuka, often touted as one of the most formidable female wrestlers the world has ever seen.

The illustrious 8-time WWE champion recently engaged with her immense fan base on social media, responding to commendation that only solidifies her iconic stature. During a recent SmackDown episode, Asuka locked horns with the reigning WWE Women's Champion, IYO SKY.

The match saw both competitors push the envelope, but external interference from wrestling titans Charlotte Flair and Bayley ensured SKY's hold on her title, in what was undeniably a heart-pounding bout.

Asuka's Twitter Praise

Post-match, the revered Sportskeeda Wrestling took to Twitter, showering accolades on Asuka, the former RAW Women's Champion.

The tweet read: "When it's all said & done, Asuka's gonna go down as one of the greatest to ever step foot in the ring. We're witnessing greatness in real time. 🙌". Without missing a beat, Asuka responded post-show, sharing an image of herself away from the wrestling limelight, inscribing it with the bold proclamation, "I am a living legend".

This testament to her legacy can be witnessed here. Though her recent quest for the WWE Women's Championship was thwarted, Asuka remains a dominant force on the SmackDown roster. This recent setback might lead her to a potential title rematch, given the controversial match ending.

Historically, Asuka has often been sidelined in critical matches due to uninvited interventions. This consistent pattern might propel her to scout for a dependable tag partner. Speculation is rife with fans predicting Shotzi, a fellow superstar with whom Asuka has shown collaborative potential, to possibly join forces.

However, Shotzi's notable absence during the SmackDown showdown raises eyebrows. In addition, the return of Tegan Nox, the enigmatic Welsh superstar, to the ring could see her teaming up with Asuka. With Nox's trajectory in WWE still shrouded in mystery, this alliance might pave the way for them to gun for the Women's Tag Team Titles.

Another tantalizing prospect is the potential reunion of The Kabuki Warriors. If rumors hold water, Kairi Sane's return might see her reignite her celebrated partnership with Asuka, providing fans with a delectable treat.